We are very pleased to offer first class, top quality Ironmongery products via our preferred suppliers:-

  • Frank Allart & Company - Frank Allart manufacture an extensive selection of door, window and cabinet fittings, many based on period originals.
  • Stone Bridge - Door hardware, window furniture and kitchen handles in a range of unique and elegant designs.
  • Finesse - Experts in the design and manufacture of architectural ironmongery such as door handles, kitchen handles and window hardware.
  • Coastal - Specialing in the design and manufacture of precision-made hardware solutions for external doors and windows.
  • Croft - As a British manufacturer of the finest, luxury hardware, with over 150 years of history reflected in beautifully curated portfolio of architectural hardware.
  • Stonebridge - Door hardware, window furniture and kitchen handles in a range of unique and elegant designs.
  • Heritage Brass - One of the leading suppliers of architectural and electrical brassware in the U.K.
  • Centor - Hardware systems offering architects, designers, and, ultimately, homeowners innovative products that provide both durability and flexibility.
  • Banham Security -Banham door locks blend modern technology with iconic design for maximum security and style.
  • From the Anvil - Specialist manufacturers of traditional & period ironmongery - expert Blacksmiths craft exquisite products to make one of a kind ironmongery that will last a lifetime.
  • Cardea - Architectural ironmongers that have built a wealth of knowledge in the world of door and window hardware, proudly dedicated to the Joinery Industry.
  • Kirkpatrick -ironmongery products with a style, authenticity and longevity that cannot be matched by less expensive, poor quality imitations.

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