Acre Joinery Services

Over the last 45 years we’ve built up an impressive collection of services. We have made every type of window, door and staircase. We have fitted out shops, hospitals, universities and other public buildings. Not to mention bespoke timber mouldings, specialist curved mouldings and curved joinery.

The experts in our design studio can help put your dreams down on paper then our craftsmen turn your dreams into a reality. What’s in and what’s out is constantly changing and we can help guide you, but the one thing that does always stay the same is our commitment to high quality workmanship and fantastic customer service, our attention to detail is second to none.

We work in a wide range of materials, all different types of wood are available. Any project is always to the highest specification and compliant with current regulations. All our work is carried out in our traditional workshop which is open to visitors by appointment who want to see us at work.

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